Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
Central Board of Excise and Customs
(Ad. IVA Section)

Dated : March 30, 2007


Sub : Reimbursement of Mobile Phone charges under the Scheme for utilization of 1% of incremental revenue as incentive provision for CBEC - Regarding.

In terms of the provision contained in paragraph 5.1 of the Department of Expenditure Office Memorandum No.7(3)E-Coord./2006 dated 22.07.2006 provision of select number of Mobile Phones to officers of the Customs and Central Excise Department has been considered under the scheme of 1% of the incremental revenue being earmarked as incentive provision in the budget for 2007-2008.

2. Accordingly, sanction of the President is conveyed for the reimbursement of call charges up to a maximum limit of Rs.500/- per month + Service Tax for 10 Mobile Phones each to 133 Commissionerates and for 50 Mobile Phones each for the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence and Directorate of Central Excise Intelligence for the year 2007-2008. Re-imbursement will be subject to the following conditions:-

1) The officers who opt for the Mobile Phones under the Department of Expenditure Office Memorandum F.No.7(14)/C&V72006 dated 14th November, 2006 will not be eligible for this benefit.

2) The officers to be authorized reimbursement will be selected on the basis of their operational requirements and priority will be given to each important Division and the authorization will be issued by the Commissioners/Director General as the case may be.

3) No instruments/handsets will be provided by the office.

4) Officers who are given the entitlement to claim reimbursement under the Scheme are expected to use their personal mobile phone sets and will bear expenses on maintenance/repair of their handsets.

5) Officers are at liberty to choose the service provider and avail any options for payment within the maximum monetary ceiling.

6) The call charges will be reimbursed within the prescribed ceiling of Rs.500/- per month excluding taxes on submission of bill/receipt by the concerned officer.

7) The expenditure on this amount shall be met within Budget Grant for Office Expenses of the Commissionerate/Directorate and additional funds for the expenditure shall be provided from within the 1% incentive provision kept in the BE for 2007-2008.

3. This issues with the approval of FA(F) vide dy. No. 52/07-IFU-II dated 08.03.2007

(Angna Ram)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India



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