F. No. D-260l5/4/2007-Cus(AS)
Government of India Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue

Dated : March 30, 2007

Subject : Hiring of one additional vehicle for each Commissionerate Hqrs and one additional vehicle for each Division Office - Utilization of 1% incremental revenue - Regarding.

I am directed to refer to the scheme for utilization of 1% of the incremental revenue under the Central Board of Excise & Customs as envisaged in the DOE, OM No. 7(3)/E-Coord/2006 dated 22.07.2006 and to convey the approval of the competent authority for hiring of one vehicle for the Commissionerate Hqrs (Total 133) and one vehicle each for the Division, (total 460), i.e., total 593 vehicles on the following terms and conditions :-

(i) The vehicles may be hired w.e.f 01.04.2007 or afterwards;

(ii) Hiring shall further be subject to the following broad ceiling of days/kilometers:-

(a) Vehicle used by officers of the grade of Commissioner and above - 30/31 day of hiring subject to maximum of 2500 kms in a month.

(b) Vehicle used by other officers & for other purposes - 20-25 days subject to a maximum of 2000 km in a month,

(iii) The record of the journey undertaken for official purpose may be maintained in line with the log book system for the departmental vehicle;

(iv) Only non-airconditioned vehicles may be hired;

(v) Provisions under GFR, 2005 should be complied with;

(vi) Utmost economy in Government expenditure should be ensured and the instructions contained in the Department of Expenditure's O-M No. 7(3)E-Coord/2006 dated 22.07.2006 to be followed.

(vii) Hiring may be done on the basis of the lowest quotation received by the Commissionerate and cost ceiling of Rs.25,000/- per month, per vehicle exclusive of Service Tax may be adhered to.

2. The recurring expenditure involved in the hiring of vehicles will be met from the Sanctioned Budget Grant under Office Expenses (Motor Vehicles) of the Commissionerate for 2007-08, Additional funds required for this purpose may be obtained from IFU (B&A) separately.

3. The issues with the concurrence of FA(F) vide their Dy. No. 14/2007/IFU-II dated 20.02.2007

(Priya V. K. Singh)
Director (AS)



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