Scholarship to children for technical education


Scholarship Scheme 2005-06 under the Customs & Central Excise
Welfare Fund/Performance Award Fund of C.B.E.C.

Scholarship Scheme 2005-06 is a scheme for staff / officers who are eligible to receive financial assistance under the Customs and Central excise Welfare Fund / Performance Award Fund to reimburse fees paid by them for graduation level higher technical education of their children in the following fields of study.

(i) Engineering including architecture, Computers/Information Technology;

(ii) Medical including Dental, Veterinary, Pharmacy, Homeopathy, Ayurvedic and Unani medicines)

(iii) Law

(iv) Hotel Management;

(v) Fashion Technology;

(vi) Under graduate courses covered by ICAR Entrance Test (Indian Council of Agriculture Research).

(vii) Business Administration / Computer Applications.

2. Definitions :

•  Eligibility criterion :

The term shall mean obtaining admission in any institute/college mentioned in Table-1 or admission obtained on the basis of obtaining a minimum rank in an entrance examination as mentioned in Table-1.


(ii) Fees :

The term fees shall mean all charges paid to the college/ institute in connection with the academics excluding refundable caution/security money, lodging and boarding expenses.


(iii) Track :

The scheme operates on three tracks designed in consideration of the salaries drawn by different officers, which are as follows:-

Track I : Scheme for children of officials in the pay scale starting at Rs. 12,000/- and above.

Track-II : Scheme for children of officials in the pay scale starting at Rs. 6,500/- but less than Rs. 12,000/-

Track III : Scheme for children of officials in the pay scale starting at less than Rs. 6,500/-.


•  Performance standards :

Performance standards mean obtaining the minimum percentage or grade in the annual examinations in first attempt while pursuing the graduate level course.

Track % marks or equivalent grades
Track-I 60
Track-II 55
Track-III (other than Drivers & Group-D staff) 55
Track-III (Drivers & Group-D staff) Pass marks

The scholarship shall be awarded to children who meet the eligibility criterion as per para 4 subject to meeting the performance standards.

•  First year :

First year of education in the graduate course.

(vi) Later year :

Second year and all later years of education in the graduate course.

3. Applicability of Scheme :

The scheme is applicable to the following categories:

•  Fees paid for first year on the basis of entrance tests held in the year 2005,

•  Fees paid for later years on the basis of entrance tests held prior to the year 2005.

4. Award of scholarships

The award of scholarship shall be subject to meeting the eligibility criterion and meeting the performance standards as mentioned below:

•  Reimbursement of fees for first year :

The eligibility for award of scholarship for admissions in various Institutes/University shall be as per the table-1 below:

Table -1

S.No. Entrance Exam.


Entrance Exam. Ranks/ Institutes

  Track I Track II Track III
1. IIT-JEE All IITs All All All
2. Birla Institute of Technology, Pilani. Pilani & Goa Centre for BITS, Pilani only All All
3. AIEEE All NITs NITs and Up to 10000 Ranks All

Upto 20000 ranks

4. CEEE(Delhi) NSIT/DCE All All All
5 Any State Level Entrance Exam. for admission to engineering institute All up to 500 ranks up to 1000 ranks All
6 University level Entrance Test ( Engg. and medical Aligarh Muslim Univ.,

Jamia Milia Islamia,

Vellore Institute of Technology

All All All
7 All India Entrance Exam. AIIMS All All All
8. All India PMT (CBSE) All All All All
9. State Level (Medical) All All All All
10. Test by National Council of Hotel Management & Catering Tech., All IHMs under NCHMCT NIL Up to 750 Rank All
11. All India Entrance Tests for integrated course B.A. LLB ILS, Pune, NLS, Bangalore, NALSAR, Hyderabad, National Law Univ.Jodhpur, NLIU Bhopal

NUJS Kolkatta, Symbiosis Pune

NLS Bangalore All All
12. National Instt. of Design, Ahemdabad All All All
13. Admission Test, Ministry of Textiles All NIFTs NIL All courses All courses
14. Test conducted by ICAR All All All All
15. Any All other Government recognized Engg/Medical colleges. NIL NIL All
16 BBA / BCA Entrance Exam. conducted by Universities funded by Centre / States Govts. All NIL All All

Award of scholarship shall be subject to meeting the performance standards laid in para 2(iv) herein in the first year of the graduate course.

(B) Reimbursement for later years :

Children having got admission on the basis of entrance exam. prior to 2005 but have not been granted scholarship from the Welfare Fund in the past, shall be eligible to get the scholarship for subsequent years subject to meeting the eligible criterion defined in para 2 (i) and performance standard laid in para 2(iv) herein in the year for which reimbursement is being claimed.

Provided that children who have been granted the scholarship earlier from Welfare Fund shall continue to get the scholarship in the later year/ years under Scholarship Scheme 2005-06 notwithstanding that they do not fulfill eligibility criterion contained in Table-1. Grant of scholarship shall be subject to meeting the performance standards set in para 2 (iv) herein.

5. Amount and number of Scholarships :

Category of officers / staff Number of scholarships Amount of each scholarship Max. financial implication (Rs.
Other than drivers and Group-D (a) Past awardees: 102

(b) fresh cases: 100 (expected)

Total 202 rounded off to 200

Rs. 18,000/- or actual fee whichever is less. Rs. 18,000/- or actual whichever is less.
Drivers and Group-D (a) Past awardees: 14

(b) fresh cases: 10 (expected)

Total 24 rounded off to 25

Rs. 36,000/- or actual fee whichever is less. 25 x Rs. 36,000/- = Rs. 9,00,000/-

(Rs. 9.0 Lac)

Total Rs. 45.0 Lac

6. Income limit of parents:

Notwithstanding any of the provisions above, no scholarship shall be paid to a child if the combined emoluments of parents exceed Rs. 5 Lac per annum, for which purpose the emoluments will be taken to mean a sum of Basic Pay, Dearness Pay and Dearness Allowance only.

7. Other general conditions of eligibility :

(a) If a serving official's child is covered under the scheme and becomes eligible for scholarship before his/her retirement , the scholarship shall continue even after retirement of the official as if the officer is in service subject to satisfying the eligibility criterion in all aspects;

•  Only two children of an official will be eligible to avail the scholarship. If subsequent beneficiaries are daughters, this restriction will not apply;

•  Amount of any other scholarship being received by a child will be deducted from the scholarship under the scheme;

•  The scheme will be applicable to the children of officials who died in harness.


Proforma : Application for scholarship for professional courses at Graduate level

1. Name of the candidate :

2. Details of Applicant

( pertains to officials working in Customs & C. Excise; if both are working in Customs & C. Excise mention the one with higher Basic Pay Scale first)

(i) Name :

(ii) Relationship with candidate :

(iii) Designation :

(iv) Basic Pay Scale :

(v) Basic Pay :

(vi) Total Annual Income for the year 2005-06:
(Basic pay + Dearness Pay + Dearness Allowance)

(vii) Place of posting :

(viii) Commissionerate :

3. Details of other parent, if working :

(i) Name :

(ii) Name of the organisation/Office :

(iii) Designation :

(iv) Total Annual Income for the year 2005-06 :

(Basic pay + Dearness Pay + Dearness Allowance)

4. Total Annual Income of both parents for the year 2005-06:

5. Tick applicable category from the following Tracks

(a) Track-I

(b) Track-II

(c) Track-III (other than Drivers & Group-D staff)

(d) Track-III (Drivers & Group-D staff)

6. Details of Entrance Exam./Test/ Competition :

(i) All India/State / University/Council/ Institute or College level/ any other :

(ii) Name of the Entrance Exam/Test :

(iii) Year of Entrance Exam/Test :

(iv) Rank obtained by the candidate :
(for fresh candidates only, refer para 4(A) of the scheme)

7. Details of admission
Date/Month/Year :
Name of Institute/College/University :

8. Annual fee paid for the year 2005-06 :
(attach attested photo copy of receipt)

9. Result of Annual/ Semester Exams. of the course for the year 2005-06

(i) Marks obtained

(ii) Total Marks

(iii) Percentage of marks obtained:

(iv) In case where Grade is awarded mention Overall Grade
(give formula for conversion to equivalent percentage)
(attach attested photocopy of Marks Sheet/Grade card)

(N.B. in case equivalent percentage of marks is not given or no conversion formula is provided for conversion of grade into percentage, Grade 6 will be assumed equivalent to 60%, Grade 5 equivalent to 50% and so on)

10. Details of past Scholarship received from Welfare Fund :

Name of Course
Course duration
Year of course
2003-04     I / II / III / IV / V  
2004-05     I / II / III / IV / V  

11. Amount of any other scholarship/Award received, if any, from any other source

Date (Signature of Applicant)

Check List for applicant :

1. No column should be left blank

2. Application should forwarded through the Advisory Committee of the Commissionerate

3. Attested photocopy of Marks Sheet/Grade Card should be attached

4. In case of Grade equivalent percentage of marks or Conversion formula should be given

5. Attested photocopy of Fees paid should be attached

6. Rank in Entrance Test/Competition should be mentioned (For admissions on the basis of Entrance Test/Competition conducted for admissions in the year 2005-06)

Certificate by Commissionerate :

1. Details given by the applicant have been verified.

2. Application has been forwarded with the recommendations of the Advisory Committee.

3. Application has been dispatched by Regd./Speed post so as to reach on or before the closing date.

F.No. 712/170/06/DL-WF
Customs & Central Excise
4th Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan
Khan Market, New Delhi-03.

Dated: September 15, 2006

Subject: Revised scheme for grant of scholarship to the children of officers / staff of the Department to peruse professional courses at graduate level.

The Governing Body constituted to administer the Customs and Central Excise Performance Award Fund has reviewed the existing scheme for grant of scholarship to the children of Departmental officers and staff pursuing higher education on selection on the basis of All India Entrance Tests circulated vides this Directorate letter F.No. 712/54/2003-DL(WF) dated 31.12.2004 and dated 05.10.2005 and approved the revised Scholarship Scheme 2005-06 effective from academic year 2005-06, a copy of which is enclosed.

2. The jurisdictional Commissioner / Director should forward a list of eligible children in the prescribed proforma duly recommended by the Advisory Committee of the respective Commissionerate along with an attested photocopy relevant documents so as to reach this Directorate latest by 30th November 2006.

3. In the case of children of deceased officers, the Jurisdictional Commissioner under whose office the deceased officer's family is drawing the pension or in whose jurisdiction the family is residing, may forward suitable proposals with recommendation of Advisory Committee.

4. The following procedure may be followed while forwarding the applications:

(i) Commissionerates / Directorates should send applications / nominations by Regd./ speed post only. No claim shall be entertained in respect of applications sent by ordinary post and not received in this office.

(ii) Directorate will send acknowledgement of receipt of application / nomination latest by 15th December 2006.

(iii) The list of applications received shall also be put on the departmental web site by 25.12.2006.

(iv) In case Commissionerates do not receive acknowledgement by 25.12.2006 or omission of the nominations in the list put up on web site, they should take up the matter with the Directorate about inclusion of their applications / nominations by 7.1.2007

(v) No request for inclusion of nominations will be entertained after 7.01.2007

5. You are requested to give wide publicity to the aforementioned scheme amongst officers and staff under your jurisdiction including those on deputation to other organizations.

6. Please note that applications/nominations received after due date or incomplete in any respect will not be entertained without making any reference to the concerned Commissionerate.

Yours faithfully,


Enclo: (i) Proforma for application

(ii) Check list for Commissionerate



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