Trade Notices

Trade Notice No. Issue Date Related Notification Subject
05/2020 11-09-2020   Designating official email id of Central Goods and Services Tax Commissionerate, Bhavnagar-reg.(AMENDMENT TO TRADE NOTICE NO.04/202 0DATED 07.08.2020)GST
04/2020 07-08-2020   Designating official id of Central Goods and Services Tax Commissionerate,Bhavnagar-regGST
03/2020 07-08-2020   Lauch of e-Office in Central Good and Service Tax Commissionerate, Bhavnagar w.e.f. 11.08.2020.GST
02/2020 22-07-2020   Constitution of public Grievance Redressal Committee for the year 2020-reg.>
01/2020 12-05-2020   Guidelines for conduct of personal hearing in vertual mode: reg.
03/2019 23-12-2019   E-Way Bill - Unblocking of E-Way Bill facility in ACES-GST Application
02/2019 09-12-2019   Adm. creation and organization of goods and services tax Division/Range of CGST Bhavnagar Commissionerate
01/2019 21-08-2019   Sabka Vishwas (Legacy Dispute Resolution) Scheme, 2O19.
06/2018 07-09-2018   Procedure to get Registration form GST REG-26 of the Cgst Rules 2017 to the taxpayers who have received only aprovisional Identification No9PID0 till 31.12.2017-reg.
03/2018 04-05-2018   Opening of new Minor Head '507-Road and Infrastucture Cess' bello Sub-Minor: '03-Non Shareable Duties' under Major Head '038-Union Duties' in the LMMHA-reg.
07/2017 21-06-2017   Adm. Creation and Organization of Goods and Service Tax Divisions/Ranges of Bhavnagar Commissionerate.
12/2016 28-07-2016  
22/2014 20-01-2015   Allocation of New location code for Service Tax Division & its Ranges/Offices.
27/2014 07-10-2014   Adm. Creation and re-organisation of Central Excise Divisions/Ranges/Out Sectors of Bhavnagar Commissionerate.
11/2009 07-01-2010   Creation of Public Grievance Committee for the redressal of Public Grievance.
10/2009 23-10-2009   Forwarding of Notification No. 24 / 2009 -Central Excise (N.T.), Dated: 21.10.2009 - Regarding.
09/2009 20-11-2009   Assessable value in respect of goods manufactured on Job-work-Scope of Rule 10A of the Central Excise Valuation (Determination of price of Excisable goods) Rules, 2000.
08/2009 11-11-2009   Clarification regarding excisability of Bagasse, Aluminium/Zinc Dross and other such products termed as waste or residue or refuse arising during the course of manufacture.
07/2009 10-11-2009   Benefit of reduced penalty under provisions to Section 11AC-whether also available at appeal stage.
06/2009 30-10-2009   Shifting of Central Excise, Hdqrs, Bhavnagar
05/2009 14-10-2009   Authorization of Oriental Bank of Commerce for collection of Central Excise duties and Service Tax through e-payment for all Central Excise, Service Tax and LTU Commissionerates- reg.
04/2009 07-08-2009   Formation Regional Advisory Committee for organized and Small Scale Industries (including Service Tax) Sectors for the Block Year 2009-2010- reg.
03/2009 26-03-2009   Office Order dated 12.02.2009 issued from F.No.II/29-21/CCO/2006 by the Chief Commissioner, Central Excise, Ahmedabad Zone, regarding appointment of Commissioner of Central Excise (Appeals), Rajkot as Commissioner of Central Excise (Appeals), Bhavnagar also -reg
02/2009 26-03-2009   Chief Commissioner's confidential e-mail address-reg.
38/2006 20-12-2006   Central Excise; Formation Regional Advisory Committee for organized and Small Scale Industries (including Service Tax) Sectors for the Block Year-2006 & 2007 – reg.
20/2006 02-08-2006   Setting up of help Center for Small Scale Sector Manufacturers- reg
50/2005 21-09-2005   Right to Information Act, 2005. Implementation of Reg.
45/2005 24-08-2005   Right to Information Act, 2005 - m/r.